Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thwarted by a cold!

In my efforts to start this blog, wouldn't you know it? I got a cold. So a big ick on the inspiration issue.

Anyways, I've been motivated to make cards for Operation Write Home founded by Sandy Allnock.  She is an amazing person.  If you knew what she does & accomplishes it would knock your socks off. So, I've made about 50 cards for heroes but I haven't sent them off yet. Feeling a bit of trepidation around the fact that my cards look nothing like the ones I've seen.  I will take the plunge.

On the OWH site, there are card sketches for layouts.  I didn't know that so I made my own for the thank you cards I made last night. I tried to think of the color wheel in picking papers from my HUGE scrap folder.   Since I'm sick even the OCD side of my personality didn't help me line up paper exactly- I couldn't see! So what I did is what I'm including.

I am secretly wanting to spend a ton of money on Copic sketch markers. Hmmm.  I also need a new computer. Ah the wish list of this card marker grows as does my stack of cards.

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